New works By O.U.R

O.U.R New Paintings by Adam Sherman, Justin Dirks and myself. It is the first time we have shown together and we are really excited to share what we have created. For this show O.U.R. has created a visual cycle of nature as it exists today. Adam’s fungi paintings on wood and paper set the tone. The fungi are a nice way to show the beginning and the end of the cycle. With paintings full of emerging engergy while maintaining a sense of  peace or calm Myles focuses on the transformation from untouched nature to the industrial complex. Justin finishes the loop depicting the manicured cities that we live in. The cities seem to display a sense that it is only time before they start to rot from within and return to nature. We hope that you join us on Sept 21 at the Vino Gallery to see it for yourself.

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1 Response to New works By O.U.R

  1. xiangjunchen says:

    Such a good way to promoting artworks! i hope i can join you guys!

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