The Youth Learning Center Art Exhibition

The Youth Learning Center Art Exhibition

December 1st 5pm – 8:30pm

@ The Concrete Ocean Gallery

2257 S. Jefferson @ Shenandoah Saint Louis Missouri 63104

Concrete Ocean is a contemporary art gallery in South city – St. Louis. Concrete Ocean Art Gallery features LOCAL artists hosting monthly art exhibitions. Our gallery is a relaxed space, as we believe art should be fun and enjoyed by everyone. Formerly MOJO Studios, the gallery also hosts weekly figure drawing sessions.

Presented By The Youth Learning Center


The Youth Learning Center presents an evening of music , food and of course art. Students from YLC have worked tirelessly to plan , prepare and present two exhibitions.

“Elementary Abstract Exhibition”

“Its just elementary”  a 2nd through 4th grade art exhibition.


“Principles of the Art Show ”

” From Brush to Opening ” a 5th – 8th grade art exhibition.

Principals of the Art Show 5th – 8th grade Students were given one-on one instruction as well as group demonstrations in new painting techniques. These painting techniques were supplemented with an introduction to past masters and new trendsetter in the art world. Students have worked on a large-scale painting throughout the semester in preparation for the Youth Learning Center Art Exhibition. Students have also worked on proper presentation of their art as well as articulating what their art is about and why they do it.

Elementary Abstract Exhibition 2nd – 4th grade Throughout the semester students were introduced to several new painting techniques and materials. Students demonstrated these new techniques by making several small paintings in preparation for the Youth Learning Center Art Exhibition. These students will experience what it is like to show and sell their work at a professional level.

Please contact Laura Millkamp for more information.



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